Cardio or cardiovascular exercise refers to any movement that gets the heart rate up and improves blood circulation throughout the body. For some people, cardio can generate fear while for others, it’s nothing but passion. But either way, it provides a multitude of health benefits. That’s why at our fitness centres in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills, we’ve incorporated cardio as an inherent part of any fitness regime. Here’s why you should perform it on a regular basis. Improved hearth health: Your hearth is just like any other muscle and you need to make it strong to work at its best. When you perform regular cardio, your heart pumps at a faster rate and this helps it to stay healthy. Enhanced metabolism: We, the fitness team at the gym and fitness centre of Apollo Life Studio, believe that a healthy body needs proper metabolism. Since intense cardio sessions contribute to an increased metabolic rate, you should definitely say YES to it.

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