School and workplace

Schools lay the foundation of your adult life. So, it becomes important to nurture students carefully, keeping a close eye on their physical and mental well-being to ensure they grow into confident adults. Programs run at our Kavuri Hills’ physiotherapy centre and rehab centre in Jubilee Hills are driven by the vision of empowering today’s students with the right education, training and skills to make them ready to face life once they grow up. At the same time, we also offer programs to help working people live a healthy life and know about the risk factors related to physical or mental health, if any, on time so that they can get the necessary help and deal with the issues successfully. At Apollo Life Studio, we believe that total wellness in school and at workplace primarily rests on us. So, while the responsibility is on parents and teachers to ensure the students are given a safe, comfortable and healthy environment to grow, adults need to take charge of their own lives to make sure they have optimal health and enjoy their time on this planet to the fullest.

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