About Apollo life studio

The Apollo Life Studio believes that ‘wellness is the precursor to optimum health.’ It is a continuous process towards achieving positive, transformational well-being and thus, a complete life. When combined with its inherent strength in health care through Apollo Hospitals, the Life Studio aims to bring forth a unique perspective in holistic health.

We offer a complete multi-discipline, cross-trained approach to fitness and well-being. The Apollo Life Studio is a luxe wellness oasis, combining sleek modern design, lavish amenities, state-of-the-art equipment and personalized wellness programs.

A unique and futuristic endeavour, along with an elite expert staff and unparalleled member services, we at Apollo Life guide you on a journey to wellness and also take pride in assisting you to reach your fitness goals for which we follow international medical standards and protocols to make sure that your health is totally taken care of.

The natatorium for wellness and relaxation is designed to inspire and delight in elegant splendour and quietude. At the Apollo Life Fitness Studio, we ensure to enhance your fitness experience and encourage you to live a holistic healthy life.

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