Cycling is no doubt a good exercise that provides lots of health benefits. But when you perform upright bicycle exercising, the benefits get doubled or even tripled, at times. We, the team of Apollo Life Studio, completely understand this and hence have made the upright bicycle an inherent part of our fitness studios at Banjara Hills and Kavuri Hills. Contrary to riding a bicycle outdoors, you can conveniently reap the benefits of upright bicycling in our climate-controlled gym and fitness centre. Here’re some benefits that you would be getting here:

  • Train your muscles: Riding an upright bicycle provides the same benefits that you can get by training your lower body muscles. Muscle groups that get the optimum benefit are thigh muscles, calf muscles and quadriceps. Apart from the arm muscles, your core muscles including hip flexors, abs, glutes, oblique etc.  are also benefitted.
  • Cardiovascular workout: Upright bicycles help to enhance your body’s capability to deliver nutrients and oxygen throughout your entire body. This in turn helps the soft tissues and muscle generation.

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