We, the team of Apollo Life Studio, have made the ‘wave’ a fundamental part of our fitness centres at Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills. The gear comprises of foot pedals and two long handles. When you exercise on the ‘wave,’ you perform combined movement patterns of running, walking and climbing stairs, which provide you with a full body workout that gives you a number of health benefits such as the following:

  • Variety of intensities: A perfect workout routine should always comprise of a variety of intensities merged together to obtain the optimum benefit. When using the ‘wave’ at our gym and fitness centre, you can either opt for imitating a run, a brisk walk or a more challenging stair climb. Whatever type you prefer, you only need to adjust the resistance of the machine and set the speed. 
  • Improve your strength: Our ‘wave’ is simply perfect for those who want to strengthen their muscles with all round exercises. When you choose to gain strength, you just need to increase the resistance of the ‘wave.’

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