When your endeavour is to improve your overall health, you don’t actually have to be pounding on a demanding, long-distance run. Instead, you can achieve the same goal at our fitness centre in Jubilee Hills/ Kavuri Hills by performing regular rowing workouts. Rowing machines are designed to strengthen the cardiovascular function, develop and tone the muscles and improve your stamina. We, the health experts of Apollo Life Studio, particularly advise using water rowing machines for aged fitness enthusiasts as they put no strain on your joints and back and yet replicate the actual feel and benefit of rowing. Here are some key health benefits that you would get from such rowing machines:

  • Muscle toning: Rowing involves activities of almost every major muscle groups in the body. When performing this low-impact activity, rowers work their hips, buttocks and legs with each stroke while putting little pressure on their joints. 
  • Weight loss: Rowing helps to burn calories quickly. So, add this to your workout routine if weight loss is your top priority. 

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