Lower Body Strength

Almost everyone has an unending quest for the perfect body. But it is easier said than done as almost every fitness enthusiast targets the problem areas and performs only cardio to burn calories. We, the fitness team of Apollo Life Studio, believe that together with other body parts, your lower body strength also plays a crucial role in your overall physical health and fitness. That’s why at our fitness centres in Kavuri Hills and Jubilee Hills, we’ve incorporated lower body strength improvement workouts into your regular exercise regime to make sure you never miss out on something beneficial. Lower body involves legs, butt and hips and it is home to some of the strongest and largest muscles of our body. At our gym and fitness centres, we’ve strategically designed a complete workout regime where you would be performing exercises that focus on the improvement of your lower body strength while giving your metabolism, stamina, balance and agility too, a boost at the same time.

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