Upper Body Strength

Upper body strength greatly impacts your daily lifestyle. A stronger upper body means you would be in a better position to perform your everyday activities such as pushing, pulling, reaching, lifting etc. more easily than ever. The trainers at our fitness centres in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills have designed such upper body strength improvement programs which would help you to improve your mobility, flexibility and scope of motion. By the virtue of nature, we lose upper body strength as we grow older, which in turn leads to diseases, injuries and an overall deteriorated quality of life. While different workouts aim to benefit different muscles, our body needs to work as a whole as well. At Apollo Life Studio, our main goal is to help you strengthen your upper body, particularly the back and shoulders, which would provide you with the right posture to fight unwanted injuries and stay in form doing gruelling, lengthy workouts. Experts at our gym and fitness centre will thoroughly go through your present condition and understand your future goals to design the right upper body workout for you. 

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