In recent years, Zumba has become quite a popular exercise craze amongst people from every walk of life. At each and every gym and fitness centres of Apollo Life Studio, you can find people enjoying their Zumba classes whole-heartedly. A Zumba class typically boasts of attractive dance music, hands clapping and sometimes the occasional ‘Woo’! And yes, these are for good and provide health benefits. You might be thinking that how a dance that has an uncanny resemblance to a popular club’s dance floor provides health benefits. Well, let’s have a look at the benefits of Zumba.

  • Promotes endurance: It might be a daunting task to make continual movements during workouts, breaks and the cool-down periods of high-intensity trainings. Duration of Zumba classes are usually an hour-long, which helps to get your body accustomed to energy expenditure and ongoing exercise.
  • Burn fat and calories: Reason behind the effectiveness of Zumba lies in its combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise. The fluctuation from rapid cardiovascular exercise to controlled movements keeps the metabolism rate high, which leads to significant amount of calories being burned.

So, are you ready to dance? If yes, try a Zumba class today at our fitness centres in Kavuri Hills or Jubilee Hills.

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