Kick boxing

With the resurgence of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts over the last few years, kickboxing has been steadily gaining momentum in the world of fitness. Kickboxing provides a multitude of benefits, the key ones being increased fitness and improved self-defence. All the gyms and fitness centres of Apollo Life Studio organize kickboxing classes to give you some tough cardio workout. If you’re still in a dilemma about enrolling in our kickboxing classes that we run at our fitness centres in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills, here’re some more benefits that you can enjoy by saying YES to it.

  • High calorie burn: Stringent fitness goals and hectic schedules can actually sum up stress. The best way out is to make your exercise regime more efficient. Studies have shown that kickboxing burns a whopping 600 to 800 calories per hour. And remember, you’re building endurance, toning, keeping away stress and improving fitness while burning calories.
  • Increased flexibility: You perform a number of stretches for your shoulders and hips during a typical kickboxing class warm up. Besides, during the workout, the moves you make involve high kicks to both your front and side that also enhance the range of motion.

Kickboxing, when performed under strict supervision, is absolutely safe and leads to almost zero injury. So, contact our fitness centres in Kavuri Hills or Jubilee Hills now and put on the gloves today.

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