All of us love to ride our bicycles when it’s nice out there, moving from one place to other and having some good exercise. But the imagination of riding a stationary bike and sweating for 30-45 minutes might be dreadful. The fitness team at our fitness studio in Jubilee Hills believes that spin is something to enjoy, get motivated about and to encourage the endorphins to flow. Here’re some of the benefits of spinning.

  • Fully body workout: Spinning is not just beneficial for your legs. Instead, it focuses on giving the riders a total body workout. At our fitness studio in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills, we make sure that if you’ve come here to have a full body workout.
  • Burn calories: 45 minutes of spinning workout may help you to burn a whopping amount of approximately 500 calories. However, the amount of burnt calories depends on your workout’s intensity. You can adjust your bike in accordance with your desired intensity.

Unlike other activities like jogging, which can be a daunting task during extreme temperatures, you can perform spinning at our temperature controlled gym and fitness centres throughout the year. So, contact us now and get started today.

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