Human Performance

The Human Performance Program at our Kavuri Hills’ physiotherapy centre evaluates the performance and function of a wide variety of human biomechanical, physiological and psychological parameters. Using state-of-the-art equipment and modern assessment techniques, all evaluations are performed with due regard to validity, reliability and proper equipment calibration. Exercise testing and all other measurements and/or techniques we use follow safety considerations and are in accordance with appropriate protocols.

Some of our services on offer include:
  • Testing body composition: Using skin fold tests, biometric impedance and MRI (if required)
  • Field tests: Involves all standard tests like 6 minute walk, bleep, force platform and timing gate
  • Nutritional and lifestyle assessments: Using fitness and blood tests to give an integrated assessment of wellbeing in consultation with nutritionists
  • Screening tests: These involve risk assessment fitness tests
  • Flexibility and balance assessment: Using digital and analog tools
  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing: Analyses each heartbeat and breath to evaluate your lung, heart and body’s metabolism as well as capability
  • Strength and power testing: Using a range of blood tests as well as instant assessment of cholesterol, lactate and glucose together with other advanced equipment to evaluate movement and strength

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