At our Kavuri Hills’ physiotherapy centre and Jubilee Hills, we offer a comprehensive analysis of your physical fitness by running a battery of tests developed by an experienced team of doctors, dieticians and fitness trainers. The primary goal of this analysis is to encourage and support people in establishing lifelong habits of regular physical activity.

The tests we run include:
  • Aerobic Capacity: This includes a walk test (for those aged 13 years and above) and a one-mile run
  • Curl-Up: Used to evaluate your abdominal strength and endurance
  • Push-Up, Flexed-Arm Hang and Modified Pull-Up: To measure the strength and endurance of your upper body
  • BMI, Skinfold Measurements and Bioelectric Impedance Analyser: These help to assess your body composition
  • Trunk Lift: To determine your trunk extensor flexibility and strength
  • Shoulder Stretch, Back-Saver Sit and Reach: For evaluating flexibility

By assessing your performance in these tests for each fitness area (abdominal strength, body composition etc.), the experts at our physiotherapy centre will determine your level of fitness. Knowing this will give you an idea about how fit you are and what level of protection you enjoy against some common diseases triggered by physical inactivity.

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