Mind Sciences

At our Kavuri Hills’ physiotherapy centre and rehab centre in Jubilee Hills, our team of professionals from the field of medicine, science, nursing, psychology and psychiatry offer treatment, advice and help to those suffering from disorders of the mind. We also offer education and training on mind science to help people shed new light on everyday issues and challenging situations, thus enabling them to get deeper insights and make personal breakthroughs. By encouraging them to take a fresh approach to the problems, we help them deal with pressing issues differently, in a more effective manner.

We use various techniques like interview examination methods, psychometric tests and bio-based personality profiling to understand human behaviour better, identify the problem areas and tailor the solutions accordingly to help people overcome or manage them. Whether you are suffering from decision making problems, have perception issues, brain disorders or mental dysfunction, or have trouble with attention/consciousness or social cognition, the mind sciences programs offered at our physiotherapy centre in Kavuri Hills can give you the perfect solution.

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