Your eyes are your window to the world. So, it’s important to take good care of them right from the childhood. With this motto, we offer vision programs for children at our physiotherapy centre in Kavuri Hills. We also work closely with schools and communities to screen vision in children and offer medical as well as remedial advice to those in need.

The vision program that we run at our Kavuri Hills and Jubilee Hills physiotherapy centres includes:

  • Free vision screenings
  • Hand-eye coordination test
  • Early detection and management of eye ailments
  • Identifying vision risk factors
  • Eyesight correction and advice on eyeglasses

We have found that many children suffer from eye problems that affect their performance at school. After being screened at our physiotherapy centre and getting their glasses or other relevant advice, most of them have improved their academic performance and behaviour, as revealed by the teachers and parents.

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