Programs @ Life center

Children need to be loved, cared for and nurtured to help them grow into healthy, confident adults. At our Kavuri hills and Jubilee Hills physiotherapy centres, we run programs that equip them with life skills while educating them about a wide range of subjects.

At the Life Centre, we offer the young and adolescent ones a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment that’s created with a lot of care to address their needs and empower them with the right training, knowledge and life skills. Activities we offer here are:

  • Educational and fun modules
  • Individual and group tasks that help develop confidence, team work, communication, friendship etc.
  • Recreational programs

We work closely with doctors and child counsellors at our physiotherapy centre to ensure a more focused, engaging experience for every child enrolled in the Life Centre programs, which would give him/her the necessary tools and education to grow into confident, independent adults. 

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