Diabetes Management

Our rehab centres at Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills offer expert care to adults of any age to help them learn to manage and live with diabetes. Our diabetes management program is managed by a multidisciplinary team of nurses, dieticians, doctors and diabetes specialists who will work closely with you and your doctor, if you are already undergoing treatment for the condition.

With our program, you can:
  • Gain control over diabetes: We offer education about diabetes, healthy nutrition, home glucose monitoring, suitable exercise and careful medication management to help you manage your condition and enjoy an improved quality of life.
  • Follow-up and Continuum of care: After your first few visits, we will continue to contact you and ask about your ongoing needs/progress to offer comprehensive and tailor-made diabetes care, treatment and education to complement your traditional treatment programs and meet your dietary needs.
At our rehab centres in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills, we also help you with
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Meal planning and nutrition education
  • Diabetes care and management during pregnancy and for conception/pre-pregnancy

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