Women Wellness Program

This program offered at our physiotherapy centre at Kavuri Hills and Jubilee Hills is designed to meet a woman's specific health needs. From comprehensive health check-up and nutrition advice to other services for maintaining optimal health, you will get them all here.

Our services offered under this program include:
  • Comprehensive Physical Examination: Apart from a thorough check of your medical history, we also run physical examinations and personalized diagnostic testing as part of preventive health care.
  • Nutrition Advice: After evaluating your present eating habits, our experienced dieticians will create a balanced meal plan that would meet your body’s dietary needs and let you live life optimally.
  • Life Balance: Consultation with our lifestyle coaches will empower you to manage stress, boost your motivation and craft strategies to maintain healthy relationships.
  • Fitness Advice: We will run a fitness test to evaluate what your ideal caloric intake would be and design a customized, realistic exercise plan for you accordingly.

Step into Apollo Life Studio’s physiotherapy centre in Kavuri Hills or Jubilee Hills to reach your optimal health potential with our Women Wellness Program.

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