Soups (Veg/Non-Veg)

Soup is a wonderful way to add health benefits to your regular diet. By having a bowl of hot and delicious soup, you can increase your daily intake of vegetables packed with nutrients. More importantly, soup - either veg or non-veg, can be a perfect substitute for a meal. GARDEN CAFÉ, one of the healthy restaurants in Hyderabad, brings you different kinds of veg and non-veg soups that would surely satisfy your taste buds. Soup contains a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, which is required to keep you energized throughout the day. Here’re some health benefits of soups.

  • Nutrients: Soups prepared with lean meats like fish and beans provide lean protein and fibre. Tomatoes contain an antioxidant which may help to lower the risk of cancer, especially prostate cancer.
  • Low fat: Most soups, when prepared with lean meat, become low in fat content, which makes them a good option for those watching their fat intake closely.

If you want to taste a diverse range of healthy veg and non-veg soups, visit GARDEN CAFÉ – the one-stop solution for healthy food at Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills.

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