Starters (Veg/Non-Veg)

Prior to serving any meal, small bits of foods are served, which are widely called starters. These are interesting and delicate small morsels that can tantalize the taste buds and enhance your hunger. We, at GARDEN CAFÉ – one of the healthy restaurants in Hyderabad, believe that while great starters can make you excited about what is yet to be served on your plate and get you in the mood, bad starters can trigger a bad start simply leaving you wondering whether your remaining experience is going to be any better or not. Surely, a good main course can help you shed an adverse first impression but you will always subtract the points from the restaurant’s overall performance if the starters ruin it for you.

When it comes to starters, a wide variety can be served prior to a meal. We understand that a starter should not be a tough one to eat or digest. Instead, it should be tempting yet light. The main goal of starters is to increase your appetite and make your prepared for your main course. That’s why at GARDEN CAFÉ, the preferred café in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills for many, we’ve developed the flavours of starters in accordance with the flavours of our main courses on offer.

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