Sandwiches ( Veg/Non-Veg )

People always wonder about what would be the best healthy food ideas to maintain optimal health of the body and mind. Unquestionably, the foods have to be nutritious as well as healthy or else, you might end up feeling hungry after short intervals. We, the fitness team of Apollo Life Studio, understand the concern completely and hence have introduced a variety of sandwiches at GARDEN CAFÉ – one of the renowned healthy restaurants in Hyderabad.

Here’re the health benefits of some of our sandwiches which you can savour without any worry as all of them are low calorie foods.

  • Chicken sandwich: Steamed, baked or grilled chicken in whole wheat breads are excellent options for breakfast that would help you to stay fuller for a longer period. At GARDEN CAFÉ, we don’t use any cheese or mayonnaise in the recipe as that would make your calorie intake high.
  • Vegetable sandwich: It’s a well-known fact that fresh, seasonal vegetables provide lots of health benefits. You can take your pick from our assorted platter of vegetable sandwiches to optimize your daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

We also offer a whole bouquet of sandwiches other than these. To taste some of them, simply visit GARDEN CAFÉ – the ultimate destination for healthy food, at Jubilee Hills. and Kavuri Hills.

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