Smoothies are concentrated shake-type drinks full of vegetables, fruits and other nutrient-rich ingredients. You can have them as a snack or as a meal. Apart from nutrients, best smoothies should contain sufficient amount of oils and vitamins. Additionally, fat is needed for your body’s biological functions and thus smoothies should contain at least some dietary fat as well. At GARDEN CAFÉ, one of the highly acclaimed healthy restaurants in Hyderabad, we take utmost care of all these factors and prepare our smoothies so that you can get the additional nutrition you require in a simple yet delicious form. Here are some reasons why you should have smoothies on a regular basis.

  • Smoothies are much healthier options compared to other vegetable or fruit juices. When the juices are prepared, you get minerals and vitamins but no fibre. Smoothies are prepared from whole vegetables / fruits so that you get everything in your drink.
  • Though most people like fruits, many face trouble in meeting daily nutrition requirements from vegetables. In our smoothies, the taste of fruits become prominent over the taste of veggies, so that you are unable to notice the presence of vegetables, especially the ones you dislike but which contain healthy nutrients essential for your body.

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