Protein Shake

In case you’re a fitness buff, perhaps you already know the key benefits of protein shake. Conventionally considered as a drink for bodybuilders, it has now become a popular drink amongst people who want to improve their diet and reach their fitness goals. The protein which is widely used in protein shakes generally comes from whey. Regardless of the goals, protein is considered as a cardinal nutrient of any fitness development program. That’s why we’ve introduced different kinds of protein shakes at GARDEN CAFÉ – one of the best healthy restaurants in Hyderabad. Here’re some more health benefits of protein shakes.

  • Muscle building: Regardless of the nature of your workout, your muscle tissues are ripped and need to be re-developed to help you sport those bulky muscles. Protein shakes aid the rebuilding process. Unlike protein intake via food, you can control your protein intake with protein shakes, thus giving your body just what it needs.
  • Weight control: You can use protein shakes as a meal replacement to regulate your calorie and fat intake that greatly benefits weight management. As most of the protein powders contain controlled portions of fat, calories, carbohydrates and protein, you don’t need to worry about portion control.

You just need to visit GARDEN CAFÉ – the healthiest café in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills and start enjoying the benefits of protein shakes.

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