Veg Juices

Fruit juices are absolutely delicious but when it comes to juicing vegetables, most people simply shy away from it. The main reason behind this is vegetables don’t contain sugar like the fruits and thus veg juices aren’t as tasty as fruit juices. If you too belong to this league, it’s time to change your mind and start reaping the benefits of veggies. At GARDEN CAFÉ, one of the leading healthy restaurants in Hyderabad, we prepare veg juices in such a manner that you’ll simply fall in love with them. Here’re some health benefits of veg juices that’ll inspire you to taste them without any hesitation:

  • Better nutrient absorption: Drinking veg juices ensures that your body absorbs all the required nutrients. Unlike eating the veggies where the body needs to separate nutrients from fibre, veg juices ensure that your body obtains an easy access to those nutrients.
  • High nutrient levels: A numbers of servings of various vegetables can easily fit in just one cup of veg juice. Hence, drinking a cup of veg juice provides your body with high nutrient levels which in turn aid you to stay healthy.

Simply put, veg juices are kind of saviours for your beauty and health concerns. If you too think the same, come to GARDEN CAFÉ, the leading healthy café in Jubilee Hills, and savour your preferred veg juices.

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