Apollo Life Studio gym is the ideal place to burn your extra calories to stay fit. Our personal trainers are in place to guide you from day one. At Apollo Life Studio gym, emphasis is on your overall fitness. Some of our customers share their valuable feedback as to how our training sessions helped them achieve physical fitness.

I had a wonderful experience at Apollo Life Studio. I almost lost 10 kilos and I am confident that ill achieve my fitness goals in no time. I really thank Life Studio trainers for training me well and helping me in shedding my weight. If you are looking for a good place to exercise, look no further and join Apollo Life Studio. It is the best place to start your fitness regime.

Ananth Kumar

If you really want to achieve your fitness goals, Apollo Life Studio is the place for you. Trainers at this studio will push you hard and keeps you motivated in your pursuit of achieving fitness. Besides, the ambience, the equipment and the facilities at the gym is best-in-class. I whole-heartedly recommend this place for fitness enthusiasts.


The most wonderful thing about Apollolife studio is the standard of their gym equipments and knowledge of the trainers. Your fitness goal may be anything like sports driven or gaining strength. Their personal trainers help you achieve the goal with 360-degree attention given to you based on your need. And within your workout, the trainers will make sure that you never lose your motivation. Trainers constantly monitor your movements and hence the chances of making any mistake are very low.


Apollolife studio gym is one of the best gyms in Hyderabad. Before starting to train they consider every single factor of your body composition so that it can help you gain overall health. The ultra-modern equipment available in the gym makes it one of the best fitness centres in the city. Their experienced trainer will strategically design your workout regimen along with a good diet plan suitable for you. No matter where you start from, your training session will turn you healthy and will tone your muscles at the same time.


Due to irregular eating and unhealthy lifestyle, I gained extra weight which hampered my daily activities. Then a friend recommended me to visit ‘Apollo Life Studio’ and thanks to the guidance by experienced trainers here, I lost extra kilos within a few months. The trainers pay close attention to your progress and keep track of it by updating. If you too wish to lose weight and stay fit then make sure you pay a visit to ‘Apollo Life Studio’.

Pooja Jaiswal

The experienced and skilled trainers at Apollo Life Studio understand your need to get fit and make sure you achieve your fitness goal in little time. Though I was sceptical in the beginning but the trainers and classes motivated me gradually to work out with determination. It has been a couple of months and I already find a lot of difference in my fitness. Anyone who is looking for best gym must definitely try this one. The money you spend on your fitness at ‘Apollo Life Studio’ is worth as the benefits are limitless.

Ashok Kumar


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