LMTP is one of the elite places for fitness and rehab where we leave no stone unturned to ensure you meet your goals. Check out what our customers have to say about LMTP.

It is one of a kind rehab centre unlike any other in the city. Here you’ll get physiotherapy, care management, your physical fitness analysis and women wellness programs as well. I am a diabetic patient and find it difficult to manage my condition. But, Apollo’s Rehab centre offered me very effective diabetes management programs with the help of which, I am able to gain total control over my condition.


It is a one stop platform for all your rehab and wellness needs. I had a heart surgery and was trying hard to get back to normal life. After joining LMTP, my life started becoming easy. It is a place equipped qualified therapist, health specialists, nurses, dieticians and trainers, who’ll take care of everything to get you back to your normal life. So, if you are on a lookout for a rehab centre, then consider joining cardiac rehab centre at Apollo.


The cardiac rehabilitation centre has well-experienced doctors and the team of professionals. I would recommend it as the best place for rehabilitation to improve quality of life after you suffer any heart problem. Step by step process of adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle will be taught to you by the professionals and this will help eliminate any risk further. Their staffs are also very professional and take the best care of yours during counseling and training.


I have been to their rehab centre located in Jubilee Hills and it proved immensely helpful in reducing my weight. Apart from having a healthy weight I now feel energetic that was not the case earlier. Their staffs and nutritionists were well experienced and diet recommended to me along with lifestyle modification worked wonderfully in shedding those extra pounds. Thanks to their staffs, who is very humble and professional in dealing with client and take the best care of yours.


Unfortunately due to an accident, I succumbed to a neck injury which made my daily tasks difficult. I visited many other rehab centres but they were of no use. Upon suggestion of my friend, I got appointment for this place without any hassle and joined the sessions. The team was humble, experienced and paid attention to my problem. Thanks to simple exercises they prescribed, I found that my pain has alleviated within short time duration. I feel lucky to have found this amazing place and would ask anyone with similar problem to visit this place without fail.

Nikita Varma

The team is excellent at diagnosing and treating various types of condition and injuries. They provide easy yet effective exercises which will accelerate your recovery and bring you back to normal life. I have been to many places to cure my back pain but of no use, but a few visits to this place and I already witness a progress in me as my back pain is significantly reduced. I feel grateful towards the experienced staff that gave individual attention and care to relieve my pain. I have already recommended this one with my friends and colleagues so that they too can have good health.

Venkat Rao


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