Garden Café has become the care of address for a healthy diet without compromising on the taste and ambiance. The carefully chosen ingredients and professionally trained chefs make your dining experience delightful. Check out what our customers have to say about Garden Café.

Awesome food quality! If you visit Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills, do visit Garden Café for good food quality. The food prepared here is a combination of rich nutrition and deliciousness. Also, this is the place for you if you are looking for unique food items. I visited this place several times and my experience getting better with each visit. Do visit this place!

Ankur Sharma

Delicious and Yummy! Usually, I am not the person who prefers eating outside, but visiting Garden Cafe has changed it all. Its menu is carefully crafted to make it unique, delicious and Healthy as well. The environment was peaceful and the service was excellent. I believe it is the only place where you’ll get nutritious food without compromise on taste!


I visit the garden café frequently. The food provided here is quite healthy and nutritious and you have multiple options to choose from. Salads and soups are also made from organic and fresh items and provide value for money. The vegetable juices that I often try here is one of my favourites from garden café menu. These drinks are made of fresh vegetables that are not only healthy but also are unique and high in nutrient levels. This definitely makes garden café one of the leading restaurants in Hyderabad.


Apollolife garden café is the synonym of healthy eating. Foods they served are all made of organic items and high in nutrition. They serve a variety of breakfast items for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and those are full of protein and fibre. Oats idli served with homemade chutney is one of the scrumptious breakfast options often I taste in garden café. They also have some healthy smoothies and beverages made from fresh fruits that taste really good.

Sai Ram

I am a kind of person who loves to eat outside but prefer only healthy and nutritious food. Thanks to expertise of fitness team at Apollo Life Studio, food which is served here is a perfect combo of taste and nutrition. The sandwiches made here are free of cheese or mayonnaise which makes them a perfect and healthy grab-and-go food to stay full for long time. The variety of food offered are amazing which are delicious and quite healthy. If you are searching for a healthy restaurant which will boost your health, then you should try this one without hesitation.

Anupama Reddy

I am a foodie who loves to savour delicious dishes and try new restaurants but often they end up providing junk and unhealthy food. But recently I discovered this amazing place which understands the need to eat healthy and stay fit. Unlike healthy food which lack taste, food here is quite delicious and healthy. I love the variety of food they provide which includes salads, starters, main course and smoothies. If you too are conscious of calories in the food you consume, then you must definitely visit this place. I consider myself lucky to have found this awesome place and often visit it when I find time.

Sanjeev Vohra


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